Piano Technician Affiliate Special Limited Time Offer

Piano Technician Affiliate Program

Here is what you get when you sign on to become an Affiliate for Cool Stuff For Musicians:

Your own Piano Accessory Web Store

  • Earn up to 40% commission on all piano related products.
    Easy Ordering – Your customer orders/pays. You don’t even have to make a phone call.
    You do not have to pay for the order up front – Cool Stuff pays the supplier, not you.
    No collecting – Cool Stuff collects via credit card for you
    No site management – Cool Stuff does it all
    No inventory or shipping – Everything is fulfilled by Cool Stuff
    No returns or refunds – If there is a problem with the order, Cool Stuff For Musicians deals with it.
    You send your customer to the site using your affiliate URL, they buy and Cool Stuff sends you a check

Accept Credit Cards
Offer your customers payment plans for larger jobs.
Offer your customers the option of paying by credit card.
Offer storage or piano rentals and collect effortlessly, automatically
Your customer fills out all the credit card numbers and info online, not you.
Instant notification if the card is declined.
No monthly merchant fees which can be up to $50 per month
You pay only when you use the service
Only $2.00 fee to Cool Stuff per transaction plus Merchant fees for the individual transaction.

Automated Tuning Reminders
No more stamps
No more labels
No more label stationary
No time spent preparing the cards and dropping them at the Post Office.
One time customer entry, and you are done!
Tuning reminders themselves are potential cash generating, containing links to the store
You keep in touch with your customer effortlessly

Your own Music Accessory Web Store
Increase your income potential ($446 million dollars are spent annually on music accessories)
Satisfy the complete musical needs of your customers – Beyond Pianos!
No inventory
No collection
No ordering
No shipping
No website management
Additional Cash Flow into YOUR pocket!

This site was built by a Piano Technician FOR Piano Technicians. Most affiliate programs on the web are free, but most affiliate programs on the web only pay out 2% or 3% on all items – You get 30% or more for piano related items. Now that’s something new! What other site allows you to use their shopping cart to charge your customers? None! What other site offers Automated Tuning Reminders? None!
If you were to do this on your own, here is what it would take.

100’s of hours of your time. ( I think I am close to 1,000 right now)
Listing, writing descriptions, pricing, determining shipping cost, site maintenance, stock changes
Research on all products (NAMM show with all the expenses)
Accounts for all vendors
A shopping cart web program $99 per month
Automated e mail marketing database $100 per month
Web Site development and design $5,000 for a site like Cool Stuff.
Credit Card Online Merchant Account $50 monthly

This is a $400. Per month value. But you are not going to pay $400 per month.

You are not going to pay $40 per month.

The regular price is $8.00 per month, but for a limited time we are offering this service for ½ price

$4.00 per month. (About 13 cents a day)

Sign up now and you get 1 month free of charge so you have plenty of time to get your personalized affiliate link on your website and in your e mails.

If you ever want to cancel your affiliate status, you can do so at any time.

You have nothing to lose and a whole lot of cash flow opportunity to gain.

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