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Welcome to the sign up page. Please read the instructions before filling out this form.
Person Information: This is pretty straight forward – All fields are required so we know where to send your commission checks. The only field that is optional is the “Company” field. If you fill this in, all checks and payments will be made payable to the “Company”. This should be filled in if checks will be deposited into your Company Account. If this field is left blank, all payments will be made payable to the first and last name you enter.
Example: First Name: Jim,  Last Name: Johnson, with “Company” left blank- All payments will be made to “Jim Johnson”. If the company name is filled in as “Jim Johnson Piano Service” all payments will be made to “Jim Johnson Piano Service”.
“Options” section: You must select Piano Technician.

“Affiliate Sign Up Information” section: Your “User name” CANNOT start with a number.  Your “User Name” will become your code and identify your personal link to the site. For example, if your name is Jim Johnson, you might choose “JimJ”.  Your personal URL that you will want to give your customers to get to the site will be http://CoolStuffForMusicians.com/JimJ. This will insure that the system recognizes the person using your URL as your customer. Try to make it as short as possible. Please be sure to check the Piano Technician box.
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