Affiliate Resources: Web Link and E Mail Signature.

To my favorite Affiliates in the whole world,

I noticed many of you have web sites. This is the perfect way to get your customers to sign on to cool stuff, let the system know who owns them (you), and buy stuff (and you get paid).

I have set all the Jansen products I have on the site so that you will get 30%. All other products are 10% for now.

My webmaster is going to make a “cool stuff” banner for distribution to you, but that may not fit in with your web site design. What you want to do is to send your affiliate link to your webmaster. It will contain the tracking code. Your webmaster can then place the link on your site in the form of

Piano Accessories(for example) This is not your tracking link.

You will have to log on to your affiliate resource center and create a tracking link. Here is how you do it.

1. Log On
2. Under “Resources” click on “link generator”
3. Under “My Sales Websites” you will see the following:

Generate Link
Who is driving the traffic: (You)

Where are you driving traffic to: Select Piano Accessories

Which ad are you using to drive the traffic: None available (yet)

Click on “Generate Link”, and the Link will appear below the button as such.. with your name on it. (George Howard is one I made up to test it)

Get the link to your webmaster, and he/she will put it on your site as you wish.

You can also do this for Tuning Reminders or any other “redirect” link available.

Another way to get your link out is to put it in your e mail signature.

This is a very easy thing to do. You can copy and paste your link, and write in whatever you like, then erase the extra as you wish. If you put your cursor over the following links, you will notice it is the same link although we have changed what the customer will see.
See Below

The Original link:

Modified: https://csfm.infus Looking for Piano Accessories? Click Here

Erase the front: Looking for Piano Accessories? Click Here
Erase the back: Looking for Piano Accessories? Click Here
Write anything you want, and the link remains: For the best piano accessories on the planet, click here

If you have any questions or need a bit of assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Cell 973 390 6461