Cool Stuff For Musicians Affiliate Program

The Concept:

Putting 2 + 2 together

“2”: As a Piano Technician, I go from house to house tuning
pianos, meeting many interesting people. Most of the time there is not
only a piano, but other musical instruments as my customers deem music
to be an important part of their lives.

“+2”: Each year as I travel to the NAMM (National Association
of Music Merchants) Show, I come across so many “cool” music products
that I had never seen before. Many of these unique and educational music
products are not well known, invented by entrepreneurs who have not yet
broken into the market place in a big way.

“What a shame!” I thought, as
there are many of my customers who would certainly enjoy these products,
but I had no practical means to get the products to the customers.

“=4”: Then I thought “What if I were to develop a web site with all these musical
products? Then people like me who have personal contact with their customers
and students could make them easily available and enhance our customer’s
musical experience in more than one way.”

That is what this affiliate program is all about – promoting music and
all its benefits to your clients, students and musical friends while earning
a little extra money.

All our items are competitively and fairly priced, so you don’t have to
be concerned that your customer is over paying. You do not have to stock
merchandise, or get involved in packing and shipping, all order fulfillment
is done for you. Just go about your regular routine, making your customers
and students aware of the site, and we do the rest. You can take this as
far as you like with the internet, as we ship nationwide.

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Sign up and become an affiliate today —and bring more music into the world. It sure could use it!
And while you serve humanity through music, you can tap into a piece of a $446 million dollar music accessory market. I am sure you could
use that too!

Musically Yours,

David Estey, Registered Piano Technician