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If you would like to continue in the “Do it yourself” mode….

Level 1 Appraisal: $17  Click Here

“Appraise Pianos Like a Pro”  This E  Book will give you the knowledge to  determine the condition of any piano by looking at specific components, teach you what to look and listen for  thereby getting a good idea of the piano’s condition and value on your own.  It includes 10 questions that need to be answered and what the answers mean in dollars and cents, along with  a 58 minute webinar entitled “How to Appraise a Piano” originally given to Estate Appraisers with no prior piano expertise. Buying a piano? This information can literally save you thousands of dollars and a whole lot of headaches. Many sites offer single appraisals on individual pianos, but “Appraise Pianos Like a Pro” E Book and webinar  will enable you to examine multiple pianos for less than the price of a single on line appraisal.

Appraisers have paid as much as $500.00 for this information through my public appearances.

The E book and Webinar are yours for only $17.00

30 Day Money Back Guarantee! If, for any reason, you do not think the information you receive is not worth $17, we will refund your money, no questions asked.  CLICK HERE to Proceed

For those who would like personal e mail assistance:

Level 2 Appraisal: $37 Click Here

Includes everything in the Level 1 Appraisal,  along with E mail assistance.  Gather the information, take the pictures I need, and E Mail the photos and information to me. I will personally review the information, do the necessary research and give you a general value of the piano.  $37.00 CLICK HERE to proceed.

For those who would like e mail and phone assistance:

Level 3 Appraisal: $57 Click Here

Includes everything in the Level 2 Appraisal,  along with Personal Phone assistance.  I will spend up to 20 minutes over the phone with you to discuss the piano.  You will be instructed as to what information is important, so we don’t waste any time. $57.00 CLICK HERE to proceed.

For those who would like a personal on site appraisal:

Level 4 Appraisal: $157 Click Here

On site appraisal and inspection by a qualified Piano Technician. If I am unable to appraise your piano personally, I will locate and arrange for a reputable and experienced Piano Technician in your area who will schedule an on site appraisal. Generally this takes an hour at the piano location. Payment of $157.00 will be arranged upon scheduling the on site appointment. CLICK HERE to begin the scheduling process.

For those who would like an on site appraisal along with selling assistance:

Level 5  Appraisal/Sales Assistance: $497

For Sellers Only. Same as Level 4, and if your piano qualifies, I will advertise it for you Online, include the appraisal information in the description and we will work together to get top dollar for your piano. I will also set up shipping to the buyer and help you every step of the way, including personally communicating with all perspective buyers about the piano.  $497.00  This can only be purchased after a Level 4 Appraisal has been completed to make certain your piano has enough value to warrant the investment.