Day One NAMM 2012

Day One!

Each day at NAMM they serve a free buffet breakfast, and have talent playing a mini concert (at 8 am…imagine getting musicians up before 8 am! ) Then a seminar of sorts, which today included an interview with Ray Kurtzweil, who is a pioneer in synthesizer development – I didn’t realize how influential Ray was. Apparently, Ray had made a $20 bet with someone who said that he couldn’t develop a proper sounding a poly symphonic synthesizer  to accurately duplicate acoustical musical instruments. We take this for granted today, but this was quite the hurdle at the time. Who did Ray Kurtzweil make the bet with?  STEVIE WONDER… and out Stevie came to talk about his history with Ray Kurtzweil, who was a pioneer with a device that would enable the blind to read music. How cool is that ?

(We ran into Stevie on the Exhibit floor…kind of a bootleg video as his security didnt want us to take pictures. He has stopped to listen to a one handed bass player – yes, one hand. Stevie is very into the disabled playing instruments, and if you didnt know it, this one handed bass player sounded more like he had 3 hands and 6 fingers on each one. The guy was amazing.)

We stopped to see Daniel, the inventor of the Cooper Stand. The most incredible guitar stand ever made. It folds up and fits behind the head stock in most guitar cases. But WAIT ! There is MORE! He has also developed the Mini Cooperstand made for violins and mandolins. But wait! THERE’S MORE!  In production is a cooperstand that will connect with itself, enabling you to line up multiple guitars in a row. How cool is that?  These stands have gone VIRAL! I saw them at multiple booths holding on display some VERY pricy guitars. What a great product!
Check out the video…

Pro-G… Click Here….. Ecco G Click Here…. Mandolin and Violin stands Click Here

Then… Off to the Voyage Air booth! Talk about the COOLEST GUITAR ON EARTH! They make acoustic and electric guitars that FOLD UP INTO A BACK PACK. Check these videos out! Not only do the fold up for travel, but they sound great!

Voyage Air Electric Guitar Click Here

Now here is a pretty cool Microphone stand, along with a number of other products I will soon have up on the site.

For the Clamp on or the Magnet Stands, Click Here

And how about Native American Style Flutes? Check out how they sound..

If you just gotta have one, click here.

Of course, we visited many more booths, but I have just spent as much time uploading them to You Tube as I spent walking around the Exhibit floor… Ahhh Technical Difficulties. You gotta love em.
More to come tomorrow! Caleb found “Bubble Drums”! Cant wait to see them.

See you tomorrow…
Dave, Caleb and Jael Estey