Day 2 NAMM 2012

Day 2!
A wake up concert by the Wicked Tinkers… donning Kilts and quite talented. Who needs coffee at NAMM when there is an opening concert like this?

They also did an old Scottish sing along tune called “Wallop the cat”. Very easy to sing along to, as the title of the song encompasses all the lyrics. You gotta love those Scottish… (My grandmother was one, so I guess that’s why the Bagpipes appeal to me deep down inside) I think I need a Kilt.

As promised, we went to see the Molecules drum company (the Bubble Drums) – very innovative. Although the sound doesn’t come through well in this video,  Caleb seemed quite happy with the tone. They are soon to be on Cool Stuff For Musicians, as we have become dealers! How cool is that??

Got Guitars? Need Hangers? Why get the typical when you can have the “cool”? Check these out!

Soon to be on Cool Stuff For Musicians as well!

A typical day at NAMM, walking along and hearing a familiar voice, a familiar tune… and there he is … Kenny Loggins. Thankfully my genetically superior 6’4″ son was able to film over the crowd.

No, I won’t be selling Kenny Loggins music on Cool Stuff. You have to make your own music.

All in all a GREAT DAY at NAMM with my Son Caleb and Daughter Jael!
More to come tomorrow…