Day 3 NAMM 2012


Once again, a packed day of excitement.

First, enjoy a little Ukulele music and watch this guy ROCK OUT on that little instrument.. just another little “mini concert” you find walking along the show floor.

Guitar Player???  Here is a string cleaner to keep those strings alive longer, and something called the Spider Capo..You have never seen a Capo like this… Check them out!

For more on the String Cleaner, Click Here

For more on the capo, Click Here

Guitar Basics for Dummies! Yes, for Dummies. You have seen the books, now theres a great started Kit all ready to go. Always wanted to play? Here is everything you need. Yours Truly doing the demo on the starter guitar… (Much nicer than the guitar I started on, thats for SURE)

For more on the “Guitar Basics for Dummies” Click Here

There is always something I find that I have NEVER seen before, and that is tough to do on the piano floor. I thought I had seen it all!

Still more to come for Sunday, the last day… watch that in box!

Dave, Caleb and Jael