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Your own piano accessory web store and more!

Cool Stuff For Musicians is an affiliate based web site specifically designed for Piano Technicians by a Piano Technician. Finally- You can use the power and profitability of the Web without the countless hours it takes to set it all up.

Here is a run down of what Cool Stuff For Musicians can do for you.

1. Automated Tuning Reminders. No more post cards, no more stamps, just automated tuning reminders.  Your customer data gets filled in once, and they get an e mail reminder on the month(s) chosen with YOUR name and YOUR phone number on them. Did I say AUTOMATED? Yes I did!

2. Your own Piano Accessory Web Store. Cool Stuff For Musicians is an affiliate based web site.  You sign up, and you get your own web address directing your customers to the site. Your customer clicks your link, and the site recognizes them as YOUR CUSTOMER. When they buy from the site, you get paid. The site handles the collection, the ordering, paying for the product and shipping the product. You sleep, have a glass of wine with the significant other, and cool stuff does the rest while you make money. On Piano products, you get the HIGHEST COMMISSIONS PAID FOR PIANO ACCESSORIES ON THE WEB. As a matter of fact, you get so much commission on Piano Accessories, it isn’t even worth it for you to spend time calling the supplier, paying for the product out of your own pocket, giving them the customer info,  collecting the money from the customer, and fulfilling the orders. It is all done for you.

3. Your own Music Accessory Web Store Ever go into a house to tune and there are all kinds of other musical instruments all over the place? Now you can offer your customers other musical products and great gift ideas. Best of all, when they order, you make money.

4. Accept Credit Cards for your Piano Services when you need to. This removes all the monthly fees for handling a credit card terminal. There are also recurring options available for monthly payments such as storage, piano rentals, or extending credit to your customers on larger jobs.

5. Affiliate Resources Everything you need to succeed with your affiliate status and make some extra money. Links, instructional pages and simple “how to” explanations.

5. Sales Tips Specifically for Piano Tuners sent to you every week to inspire you and give you a little something to think about. A continual education so that you can give your customer the best service and advice possible.

A few questions…

What do you think it would cost you in time and cash outlay to design a web store, negotiate with the suppliers, publish all the products, figure out all the pricing and shipping, get a credit card merchant account and automate the process of ordering and shipping? Would it be worth more than $7.60 a month?

What would you (or do you) pay someone to send out reminders? Postage, reminder cards, and all the time it takes you to do it? Would you pay $7.60 per month to automate the process?

What do you think you would you have to pay to include other musical instruments and products on your web site? Would you think it would be much more than $7.60 per month?

Have you ever considered getting a merchant account because you have had customers ask if you take credit cards? Monthly fees, address verification fees, gateway fees, monthly minimum fees, statement fees, internet transaction fees… I happen to know that it costs about 7 times more than $7.60 per month.*

What would it cost for you to have the ability to take recurring payments from your customers, automatically, through their credit card? Would that be worth $7.60 per month* to spread the payments out for an action job, monthly storage, piano rentals, or a damp chaser they really need?

What if I were to tell you that for $7.60 (yes, Seven Dollars and sixty cents)   per month, you could have all the above at your disposal? A piano accessory web store and a musical instrument accessory web store, automated tuning reminders, the ability to take credit cards, and more to come. Is that “Cool Stuff” or what?

Look, bottom line is this. I know what it takes to run and operate a piano business, and it ain’t easy. There are only so many hours in the day, and they all get filled up pretty fast. Here is an opportunity to enhance your life and perhaps give you a little more time and money to do those things most important to you by using the awesome web technology available to us… and your investment…25 cents a day.

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All the best!
David Estey, RPT

*Direct transaction fees from the credit card companies will apply, along with a per transaction fee of $2.00 for Cool Stuff For Musicians.