NAMM 2012 the Final Frontier

Well people, NAMM is over.
But it was exciting.

I may have forgotten to mention that Caleb brought a Guitar out there to California. He took it as carry on and put it in the overhead.

Yes, all you doubters out there. See for yourself how it folds up:
Click Here

When I said there were 1900 exhibitors with everything musical you could imagine, did ANY of you think “Electric Kazoo”?

I didn’t think so. But here it is – Filmed LIVE from NAMM 2012

And since we are on the Kazoo subject… Ever heard of a WAZOO? Now you have. Steve does a bang up job with this demo.

Now, here is something very useful. Ear “Filters”. Made much differently than the usual gummy ear plugs, these let you hear without losing your hearing. (Take note all you rock and rollers)

They come in 6 pair..Click Here
Or 2 pair in a small key ring pouch so you always have ear protection handy Click Here

And for all you Guitar Players…
First up… a String Cleaner that cleans the top and bottom of the strings. It will make your strings last longer. It might even make you sound better. You be the judge.
Then… all in the same Video the Ultimate Guitar Capo. How many ways can you make a capo? Let me count the ways. This is called the Spider Capo… Hang through the cleaner demo to see how it works.

And this is what you can do with it:

Spider Capo Click Here
String Cleaner Click Here

I tell you what… I’ve not seen anything like this all packaged up into one little box. Foot Drum anyone? They just started production. There is a waiting list. Let me know if you want to stand on line.

Who needs a Midi “drummer in a box” when you can do it yourself?

And someone I thought might be Jackie O bids us a fond farewell from NAMM 2012.

There is so much more – But it’s 3 am and I need to get some sleep… so until next time…

Musically Yours,
(Caleb and Jael are sleeping)