Growing Your Business One Customer at a Time

If I had it to do all over again…..
What ONE THING would I have done differently?
Hind-sight is 20/20. But then again, back in the day,  the “web” was what spiders made.     If you wanted to chat on line, you went to the supermarket.
Technology has changed the world, and changed the way we do business.

What is my greatest Business Regret?

I did not stay in touch with my customers.

I did have a pretty good excuse. Sending out those reminder cards was a chore I really didn’t like very much. But technology has changed all that. No more cards, no more labels, no more stamps. E mail has saved the day.. but E mail alone is not the answer.

AUTOMATION is the answer.

I now stay in touch with EVERY customer EVERY month. I send tuning reminders to EVERY customer. EVERY person who asks me about my piano service (and asks me for a “card”) from that moment on gets correspondence from me EVERY month.

And here is the best part…..

Now YOU can too!
All you do is fill out a web form on your smart phone, Pad or computer, just like the form below and you are done. Your tuning reminders are now automated, and your customer will get a brief friendly newsletter from you every month.

So, take a test drive and see how easy it will be to stay in touch with your customers.

You will never regret it.