Piano Appraisal Questions and Resources

To determine the value of a piano, here are the questions you will need to ask:

1. What is the Name Brand on the Piano? This is usually found above the keys. If it is not there, look inside the piano on the metal plate.

2. How old is the piano? What is the serial number? This is also generally found on the metal plate or near the tuning pins of the piano.Once you have found the serial number, Click Here to find out how old it is within 5 years. Example: If your serial# is 15922, and 15500 was built in 1920, and 16500 was built in 1925, your piano was built somewhere between 1920 and 1925.

3. What is the size of the piano? ( height of your upright, length of your grand)

4. Where has the piano been stored? Living Room? Basement? Garage? Do you know any of its history?

5. When was it last tuned or serviced? Has it ever had major work done on it? Do you have receipts? Estimates? Did the tuner mention anything in particular about the piano?

6. How does it sound, in your opinion? Play each key. Do any of them sound wildly out of tune?

7. Do all the keys work? If no, explain.

8. Has the piano had any major work done on it? When? By Whom?

9. Describe the furniture/case of the piano: Style, Color, condition, carvings, ornate designs, scratches, water marks, peeling veneer or paint:

10. Are there stairs or obstacles involved to move the piano out of the house? How many? Twists, turns, landings, steep terrain, rock walkways?

11. Do you know how much the piano sold for brand new?

To get an idea of what the answers to these questions mean in dollars and cents, Click Here

Other Resources:
Is the Piano up to concert pitch? If it is 1/2 step low or lower, the piano will need a “Pitch Raise” which is usually twice the cost of a regular “tuning”. One tuning generally costs $150.00. A pitch raise… $300

To be able to tell if the piano needs a pitch raise, here are some “Tuning Fork” downloads for your smart phone: (if you don’t have a smart phone, it is time to buy one, BTW)
For your Android: (Free…”DaTuner”) Click Here
For I phone (among many other apps available – for a few dollars) Click Here

Virtual Online Appraisal
Includes Formula for appraising
Difference between a console and spinet
Names – the good, the bad and the ugly (actually, just the good)
Player Pianos – Grand and Upright
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