Cool Stuff For Musicians Piano Bench Giveaway at SERC

Compliments of Cool Stuff For and National Bench Company of Idaho Falls, sign up below for the SERC drawing.

These incredibly strong and beautifully manufactured benches (made in USA) are only one of the many products you can be offering your customers through Cool Stuff For, an affiliate web site built for Piano Technicians by a Piano Technician.

Let Greg Micklesen himself tell you about his benches… Watch this video taken at NAMM.

Why become a Cool Stuff For Musicians Affiliate?

For starters… Your own web store with the highest commissions paid on the web. Up to 30% commission for Piano Technicians selling Piano related products like this incredible quality bench, Jansen products and much more.You just point your customer to the site with your assigned affiliate URL you will receive when you sign up.
Here is how it works:

  • You post your affiliate link on your web site or in your e mails
  • Your customer clicks your link
  • The system registers this person as YOUR customer
  • Your customer buys
  • Cool Stuff collects for you via credit card
  • Cool Stuff Pays for the item
  • Cool Stuff fulfills the shipment
  • Cool Stuff assures client satisfaction for the product, not you
  • You get a fat commission check

Cool or what? That’s just the beginning. Become an affiliate, and you can accept credit cards for tunings, recurring payments for rentals, storage, or offer your customers payment plans. Its not just about Piano Accessories… it is about all kinds of music related products that your customers purchase all the time. Now YOU can make extra cash from products you don’t keep in inventory and own a web store you do not have to manage. It is all done for you.

Stop by my “Cool Stuff For Musicians” booth at SERC and see a few of the products that you can make available to your customers.  I promise you will be impressed.

Sign up for the Free Bench Giveaway now!
If you are not coming to the convention, you can sign up here for Free to become a dealer of the sturdiest replacement benches in the industry. Greg will list you as a National Piano Bench Dealer on his web site

A brand new bench will be shipped to the winner with no shipping charges. Winner must be present at the drawing. 2 winners and 2 benches will be awarded.