The Piano Technicians Dream – Automatic Tuning Reminders..and more!

Automated Free Tuning Reminders
Let me first introduce myself. My name is David Estey RPT, and I spend my day much like you do – On the road servicing pianos, and trying to keep up with the tunings (and all that goes wit that). I have found it very difficult and time consuming to try and keep in touch with my valued customers on a consistent basis….until now. I developed an automated e mail system to send reminders to my customers. Yes – FULLY AUTOMATED. Better yet, some of my CUSTOMERS DO THE DATA ENTRY THEMSELVES.
I thought to myself… “Self… why not offer this to your fellow Piano Technicians?” So that’s what I am doing. You can now use this system for your own business.

Signing up to become an affiliate to Cool Stuff is not just about Tuning Reminders – it is much more. Cool Stuff is a web site designed by a piano tuner for piano tuners to help them earn more money effortlessly. There is so much I want to tell you, but first why don’t you test out the reminders. I think you might be quite impressed.

To “test” the Automatic Free Tuning Reminders and see how it works: CLICK HERE
To learn the concept behind the Affiliate Program: CLICK HERE

As an affiliate, you will make money when your customer buys anything from the site – including Piano Benches and accessories. The cool thing is that if you have a web site with no shopping cart or piano accessories, you can now have one. CLICK HERE to see your new piano accessory web store. Your commission on Piano accessories is the HIGHEST COMMISSION paid anywhere on the web.

No kidding. And it is so easy to do, even a Piano Tuner can do it!

To see how it works, click here and it will take you to a “test” sign up page. Follow the instructions on the page, and check your e mail. You will see the e mail your customers will receive on the months they choose.

Once you sign up as an Affiliate, go the the “Affiliate Resource Center”. Choose which pre written e mail you want to send your customer to sign up for the free tuning reminders.
Copy and paste in your e mail browser.
Send it to the customer.
Once the customer clicks that link, the system will recognize them as YOUR customer.
The customer fills out the form with your name and phone number in the proper fields, and chooses the month(s) they wish to receive a tuning reminder. The reminder goes to them on the month they chose, with your name and phone #.

You can also fill in the customer info on your own. Click on your own affiliate link, fill in their info with their e mail address. As long as the customer uses that e mail address when they purchase a product, you will get the credit for it. (Its always better to have the customer click your link, but this is another way the system recognizes them as your customer)

Now…. Here is the “Cool” part.
If your customers buy something from the “Cool Stuff” website, you get paid.

And something more….
All piano related products bring a much higher commission than the rest of the products, because I know you already probably sell benches and caster cups. Here is the difference….
Cool Stuff For Musicians does all the work:
1. We take the order
2. We Pay the Supplier
3. We Ship to the Customer
4. If there is a problem, it is our problem not yours
5. The customer receives the product
6. You get paid

How much do you get paid? On all products that I assume piano technicians already sell you get paid more. On Jansen benches, for example, you get 30%. Normally Jansen will give you 40% if you call in the order, pay for it yourself, and hopefully encounter no issues.
All other products, depending on the arrangement I make with the supplier, will generally bring in 10% or more for you.

If you want to use the site as a “catalog”, and do the transaction yourself… by all means do so. I’m not looking to take away from you, I am interested in making the transaction seamless, where you can make money without any effort, disruption in your cash flow, or order fulfillment hassles.

Questions? Contact Us.

If you would like to see how the reminders work and what it will all look like – I have set up a “Test Page” for you to try.
Click Here

David Estey, RPT
1-800-ON A PIANO (662-7426)