Hi Clyde

I wanted to give you an example of what I was talking about the other day rather than try to explain it.  Fill out the form below with your name and information and you will receive examples of the newsletters (one per day for the next few days) I was talking about, prepared specifically for you.  The form can be as detailed as you like, and can go on your new website whenever it is ready. You will get a copy of the form whenever you or someone else fills it out. I know you are going to be impressed.

This system has revolutionized my business of 36 years. Had I begun this all those years ago, (if there was an internet) I would have saved a fortune in advertising. Everyone I meet, everyone who asks me about pianos, I add to my newsletter. The idea is that they may not be ready to buy today, but when they are I am top shelf in their minds. I now send out about 700-800 e mails a month. Each one of those people has on average 250 friends, family, co-workers, Facebook connections etc, who remember my name whenever “piano” comes up in conversation. You do the math.

So… fill out the form below, and watch the magic happen!